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Corobrik (Pty) Ltd was established in Durban in 1902. Utilising its expertise gained over more than 111 years in the brick business, superior technology, manufacturing practices, distribution network and logistic capabilities, Corobrik has grown to be the leading brick manufacturer, distributor and marketer of clay bricks, clay pavers and associated allied building products in South Africa, with the logistic capability of delivering 5 million products per working day.

Corobrik has its head office in Durban, with three regional offices in Durban, Johannesburg and Stellenbosch (Cape Town) and 28 Corobrik Centres located country-wide, which together with Corobrik's extensive network of independent accredited distributors provides Corobrik with a national presence to serve the needs of its target markets.

Corobrik presently operates 15 factories, which together with Corobrik's alliance partners, permits Corobrik to offer to its customers the complete spectrum of brick and paver options under the Corobrik brand.

Employment Equity


Our commitment to redressing the imbalances of the past extends to our staff and management structures. In tune with the Employment Equity Act, we have instigated a multi-faceted education and development programme, which expedites the advancement and promotion of previously disadvantaged employees and includes:
  • An Employment Equity Committee which represents all groups and levels.
  • The appointment of a Skills Development Facilitator
  • A Leadership Development Programme
  • A Production Management Training Programme
  • Training Programme
  • Weekly technical training lectures
  • Company sponsored employee study and development schemes
  • A substantial education and training budget.
  • Annual tertiary study bursaries for employees children.

Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment
We are proudly South African in everything we do and take as much pride in empowering our staff as we do in uplifting communities. As of June 2008, total share equity in Corobrik under the control of Historically Disadvantaged South Africans (HDSA) is 43.59%. 26% of the share equity is in employee hands through the Corobrik Staff Trust, this at no cost to Corobrik employees. The Staff Trust is a HDSA entity where each employee beneficiary has one vote. Two trustees serve on the Corobrik Board.

Safety in the Workplace


A safe working environment is of crucial importance. Our S.H.E. (Safety, Health and Environment Programme) is defined to exceed the standards set by the Mine, Health and Safety Act and includes:
  • Regular factory safety audits
  • Monthly S.H.E meetings
  • Training and staff induction programmes:
  • Safety and housekeeping in the workplace
  • Hazards in the workplace
  • Fire fighting
  • Accident / incident investigations
  • Machinery lockout procedures
  • Personal protective equipment
  • HIV / AIDS and other diseases
  • First Aid
  • Family Planning
  • Drug and alcohol abuse


Download Environmental policy
Our world is precious and we are committed to ensuring that our activities are based on sound sustainable environmental practices which adhere to the Minerals and Mine, Health and Safety Acts.

Sustainable Development:
Key activities of the business conducted within a sustainable development framework include:-
  • Quarrying and manufacturing operations are located in rural and semi rural areas this providing long term employment opportunities to neighbouring communities.
  • Social and labour plans exist for all quarrying and manufacturing operations within the framework of the New Order Mining Rights.
  • Quarrying and manufacturing operations are undertaken within the parameters and requirements of an approved Environmental Management Plan for each quarry and process.
  • At the end of the life time of each quarry, the Environmental Management Plan provides for its rehabilitation and reuse as a nature reserve around a pollution free dam, recreational area, landfill use or land for commercial/residential development.

The more effective use of energy and incremental reductions to Corobrik's carbon footprint at time of manufacture and during delivery of its products to sites is a key operational objective.

Notwithstanding that Corobrik employs latest technologies and operates energy efficient kilns, ensuring that the embodied energy of its products is in line with international best practice for the technologies employed, Corobrik remains committed to driving further efficiencies in the use of energy and the wider use of clean burning fuels [such as natural gas] even though natural gas is more expensive.

Corobrik presently has six factories being fired on natural gas with further conversions to natural gas under investigation.

SANS14001 environmental management certification system at 4 factories, with others busy with accreditation process.

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