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A R40 000 prize for your most loved Corobrik boundary wall!

A beautiful brick boundary wall definitely makes a good first impression – and, while they’ve become a ‘must have’ in most residential areas of South Africa, they can also be an important asset that adds value to your property.
Corobrik Commercial Director, Musa Shangase, says he’s often amazed at the creativity that he sees when driving around the suburbs. “While we build walls around our properties for practical reasons – including security, the safety of pets and young children and privacy –  we also need to remember that these can be a blank slate for our creativity and can be a wonderful way to enhance our homes.”
However, he also warns that a bad boundary fence or wall can just as easily detract from the value of a property if it does not complement the finish and style of a house. A boundary wall should not be a bland barrier but should show off your home and enhance the aesthetic value. A cleverly planned and designed entrance point can even become a focal point or a neighbourhood landmark.
Unlike other materials, face brick walls provide a sense of permanence and solidity and, if matched to the architecture of your home, can add continuity and a sense of flow. 
“In addition to being the perfect material for an external wall as they are durable and weather well, they are virtually maintenance free. Corobrik face brick comes in such a variety of colours and textures that the sky is quite literally the limit. A wide variety of natural clay hues complement landscaping and outdoor areas while contrasting bricks – especially our newly launched black and white bricks – can act as interesting accents. Plastered pillars and piers can add contrasts as can the incorporation of lighting and even metal and wood panels,” he says.
So, if you’ve built, or are building a boundary wall, you could be in line for a R40 000 prize from Corobrik!
They’ll even add a further R10 000 if the face bricks used to build your stunning wall were purchased from either the from Corobrik Centre Lawley or Crown Mines!
Simply take a picture of your innovative, creative and much loved boundary wall and either drop it off or share it with Corobrik via post, email, Facebook or WhatsApp. The competition closes at the end of August 2019.
Concluding, Shangase points out that a boundary wall should be seen as a long term investment rather than a quick fix.
“The only thing that a picture can’t show are the huge functional benefits of using face brick. These include blocking noise from busy streets and benefitting the environment. Because face brick is made from natural clay, it does not release volatile and harmful organic compounds,” he says. 
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