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Corobrik chairman, Peter du Trevou, joined performers at 2017 BHCA 1820s amateur orchestra.

Corobrik’s commitment to community enhancement extends into the cultural realm as it enters the ninth year sponsoring the BHCA (British Cultural and Heritage Association) 1820s amateur orchestra, an event designed to give amateur musicians a platform to perform. 

Taking it a step further, Corobrik chairman, Peter du Trevou – himself an amateur saxophonist – performed at the BHCA 1820s amateur orchestra, sponsored by Corobrik, on Sunday, 20 August at Penzance School’s Nkulisa Conference Centre, in Durban. 

“Most amateurs never get to play in an orchestra and this is a really brilliant opportunity for musicians, of all skill-types and ages, to experience the exhilarating feeling of performing for an audience,” said Peter du Trevou, who will be playing for the seventh time this year. “Anyone who can read music and play an instrument is welcome to join, and it is all conducted under the precise baton of Richard Cock.”

Du Trevou’s love for music began at a young age with piano lessons, although it was only years later that he decided to try his hand at the saxophone. 

“I wanted to try something different, that would give me a nice escape from work which can get extremely busy,” he explained. “I chose the saxophone because it’s portable and I’m really interested in the mechanics of the instrument.”

It was 15 years ago that Du Trevou started lessons with Esme Venter – which he continued for four years – and it was through her that he was first introduced to the amateur orchestra. Having experienced the joy that accompanies such a performance, Du Trevou encouraged the involvement from Corobrik, which has been ongoing for nine years. 

“I really believe this orchestra gives amateur musicians something to strive for, as there is nowhere else for them to perform,” said Du Trevou, who will be playing the tenor saxophone at this year’s concert, although he does also play the alto and soprano saxophones. “Richard Cock puts on an extremely good programme every year, just challenging enough to bring out the best in the amateur musicians while also proving popular with the audience.”

Organised by the BHCA, the concert always opens with the South African National Anthem which, this year, will be followed by a number of showstoppers including John Philip Sousa’s Washington Post March; a medley from The Sound of Music; popular orchestral arrangements of the Mango Groove hit, Special Star; Village People’s YMCA; Shosholoza; and Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World, among others. 


Pictured at this year’s the BHCA 1820s amateur orchestra, are from left, Peter du Trevou, nine-year-old Laila Jones and conductor Richard Cock.   Photographer credit:  Roy Reed Photography.