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Corobrik employees undergo a training programme to improve customer experience

Leading brick manufacturer, Corobrik, continues to keep ahead of the curve by putting the customer first in every business decision. This dominating principle has seen Corobrik secure the services of Delight Consulting, an organisation which is running a six-month Customer Experience training programme for Corobrik’s sales’ staff. The training started at the Corobrik Johannesburg offices in 2017 and will continue at various Corobrik centres until the end of 2018.

“This is really a fantastic programme which reinforces existing sales’ skills and provides sales’ staff with useful techniques and insights into dealing successfully with customers,” said Berkley Petty, Corobrik Human Resources Development Manager. “We have already seen an enhanced level of service from those who have completed the course.”

Known colloquially as the ‘think like a customer’ internship, the programme focuses on the customers’ experience through the sales’ process. The programme is endorsed with an IACET (International Association for Continuing Education and Training) qualification, outlining the calibre of this education programme. For the internship, Delight Consulting partners with Training Leadership Consulting for a comprehensive trainee experience.

“A vast majority of the time we find it challenging for employees to view our own customers' experiences through their glasses rather than from our own individual perspective,” explained Michelle Hill of Delight Consulting.  “Our internship focuses on helping learners to see the customers’ experience through the customers’ eyes.”

The structured programme is divided into six sections with a 40-minute presentation and an online exam finishing the course. The first month focuses on ‘being a customer’; the second month, ‘living like your customer'; the third month examines ‘feeling like a customer’; the fourth month is ‘walking the customer journey’ with the fifth month a group coaching session followed by the final presentation and an online exam which requires an 80% pass mark. 

“The core concepts focus on various customer experience skills such as listening to a customer, identifying different customer profiles, dealing with customer complaints, identifying customer non-verbal feedback, dealing with emotions and completing a customer journey map,” explained Hill. “It is an holistic programme that brings about a shift of mind-sets in the workplace.”

To date, 40 Corobrik sales’ staff from Johannesburg and Durban have successfully completed the insightful course, all earning themselves a Level 4 certification. The programme is currently underway with 13 Corobrik staff members from the Western Cape. Each course has a winner placement for the overall group as well as top performing interns. These are:

•    The winning group in Johannesburg - Matshidiso Masilela, Mohau Sehloho, Muriel Fisher and Botshelo Letlhaku.
•    The winning group in Durban - Afsana Saib, Fiona Moodley, Louisa Mans and Duane Jonkers.
•    The top performing intern in Johannesburg - Dineo Moyani.
•    The top performing interns in Durban - Afsana Saib and Duane Jonkers.

Hill said that it was important to note that the internship’s success also relies on the attitude of all participants: “There has been incredible enthusiasm and passion shown by the delegates as well as great deal of support from the senior management team.”

Top Durban performer, Afsana Saib, who works at the Corobrik Ballito Centre said she had thoroughly enjoyed the course: “It was both fun and very informative. Being a part of Corobrik these past few years has been a great learning experience. This Internship allowed me to view all areas of customer service and how we run process daily. I know that for me personally, being able to apply the theory to practical situations has been greatly advantageous.”

Petty said that it was imperative for Corobrik to enhance its service levels, placing emphasis on consistently good service. This is why, in addition to the Customer Experience Internship, Corobrik offers many ongoing training programmes for all staff members as well as bursaries for external degrees and diplomas.

“The Corobrik staff is afforded many opportunities to improve themselves through access to educational opportunities such as these,” said Petty. “This is the only way to grow the brand while maintaining a solid foundation and focus on the customer.”

PHOTO CREDIT: Delight Consulting

Picture 2 – Johannesburg
Muriel Fisher, Mohau Sehloho, Botshelo Letlhaku and Matshidiso Masilela.