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Corobrik generously donates to local social development project, ‘Phoenix Child Welfare’ among others

In a concerted effort to give back to the community from where both Corobrik’s headquarters and a number of their employees reside, the company has donated to Phoenix Child Welfare, alongside other local projects under the Ubuntu Community Chest umbrella.

Phoenix Child Welfare work according to a mantra that ‘together we can uplift the community,’ and that’s exactly the intention and belief of Corobrik in their charitable giving too. Thilo Sidambaram Marketing Support Manager explained that, “we want to support and uplift communities where we work. This area of Avoca, where Phoenix Child Welfare and ourselves operate, is also where the core of our employee base comes from and we want to support our employees.”

It was not only this local rationale that led Corobrik to select Phoenix Child Welfare (among others), as the recipient of their annual charitable giving but the excellent work that Phoenix Child Welfare carries out. This work was exampled to them on a recent visit by Corobrik employees to the premises of Phoenix Child Welfare. 

While on the visit, director of the charity, Aroona Chetty, explained that, “while we are only a small team, including 12 social workers, our work is on a large scale.” They estimate the impact of their work to reach around 1000 children in the community! 

More specifically, across the areas of Mount Royal, Mount Moriah and Phoenix itself, the projects Phoenix Child Welfare carry out include a child leadership and mentoring programme, skills development project and a home for abused women and children. This theme of ‘abuse’ is at the core of the work they do as they maintain a commitment to the protection of children and preservation of families throughout all of their programmes. As Aroona, who has worked at the charity for 32 years passionately described, “when a child is abused it is something that is never forgotten. To help a child recover and preserve their future is our main aim. Healing children is my mission!”

Corobrik are no stranger to the kind of generous giving Phoenix Child Welfare are on the grateful receiving end of. For over twenty years Corobrik have partnered with the Community Chest. It is the Community Chest’s remit to work with corporates like Corobrik and manage their charitable giving, ensuring that their donations are given to deserving causes and that their gift is distributed and utilised in a way that is accountable and impactful. Phoenix Child Welfare is just one of over seventy charities that Community Chest support through donations giving generously by companies like Corobrik. Because of this, a number of organisations under the umbrella of Community Chest will benefit from Corobrik’s donation alongside Phoenix Child Welfare.  

Preya Gounden, Corporate Fundraiser at Community Chest said, “We are grateful for the long standing and generous support of Corobrik that we have had for over 20 years. It’s encouraging when corporate donors show a willingness to become involved and directly impact community beneficiaries. We hope to continue this partnership of giving and sharing into the future.”