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Corobrik recognises world class architectural talent at the University of Cape Town

Sebastian Hitchcock from the University of Cape Town was chosen as the regional winner of the 33rd annual Corobrik Regional Architecture Award, a prestigious annual event that recognises emerging new professionals who exhibit exceptional world class design talent.
Musa Shangase, Corobrik Commercial Director noted that, designs by the winners of Corobrik Regional Architecture Award are an example of the legacy-enduring structures that will connect future generations with current-day experiences.
Joining Sebastian Hitchcock are Sean Mash in second place and Oliver Brown in third place as well as the award for the best use of clay in his thesis
Sebastian Hitchock’s Thesis is entitled  ‘Diversifying Delft's Rental Offering’.   He says, the project termed “Hindle Road Park” is an imagination of an avant-garde approach toward housing in the township of Delft, Western Cape. The design process envisions an improved well-being for residents and visitors by questioning the processes which make up Delft’s existing conditions of ‘home’.

The topic of inhabitation is complex, and the proposal works from research into rental homes, often referred to as ‘backyarders’.  By understanding the needs the design proposition aims to re-calibrate a conventional housing pedagogy.  Housing is imagined through the experience of local tenant’s, owners and developers by a series of spatial lessons which occur when upscaling narrated ways of living in Delft.  Hindle Road Park aims to hold these narratives and interrogate the diversity of collective, tenancy and building when organised around alternative yards, units and streets.
Sean Mash’s thesis is entitled ‘The Eco-Machine.’  The dissertation explores the idea of a mechanical architecture capable of re-sculpting and actively rewilding the damaged Raapenberg wetlandscape.  He proposes re-establishing it as a newly envisioned indigenous ecology able to efficiently provide hydrological, recreational and ecological benefits for the surrounding urban context.
Oliver Brown’s thesis is entitled Islamic Tirthas.  He explains that the dissertation attempts to explore the boundaries of architecture: its relationship with natural and cultural landscapes.
This dissertation re-imagines a new heritage pilgrimage route along the Eerste-Kuil River which offers a renewed significance to the heritage site known as the ‘Cradle of Islam’ in the Cape.  This proposal crystalizes the significance of the site as well as providing a strategy of design in response to the polluting waste-water treatment plant.  A series of water infrastructures sanctifies the site along the pilgrimage route
The series of infrastructures consist of modular structural components deriving mostly from brick. This allows a more resourceful approach within the making of the architecture contributing towards local labour, materials and relatively more affordable within the context of Macassar and Sandvlei. The project also attempts to transform the presence of these brick components from everyday, ordinary towards extraordinary experiences appropriate for the 'Cradle of Islam'.
“Architecture has the profound ability to capture a particular moment in history, reflecting the various interests, beliefs and unique character of a place in time through form and material. The design of legacy-defining structures such as those represented in the dissertations which Corobrik has recognised through these awards, creates a whole new legacy for both the architectural profession and the built environment. As an organisation, Corobrik believes that better starts here,” continues Shangase
As the winner of the Corobrik Regional Architecture Award, Sebastian received R10 000, with Sean Mash taking home the second-prize of R8 000, and Oliver Brown receiving R6 000 for third place. A further R6 000 was awarded to Oliver Brown for his innovative use of clay masonry in the building design.
Hitchcock is one of eight young architects from top South African universities receiving a Corobrik Regional Architecture Award in recognition of their design talent and innovation throughout 2019. In addition to the cash prize, the regional competition winners are through to the finals of the National Architectural Student of the year Award – set to be announced in Johannesburg in May 2020  – which comes with R70 000 in prize money.
Caption:  Sebastian Hitchcock is this year’ s regional winner from the University of Cape Town in the 33rd Corobrik Architectural Student event.  His thesis is entitled  ‘Diversifying Delft's Rental Offering’
(left) Allin Dangers Director of Sales Western Cape and (right) Werner Oelofse of Corobrik are pictured with the winner Sebastian Hitchcock