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Lansdowne Centre Opening

Corobrik’s Lansdowne Centre moves to new premises

Visitors to Corobrik’s new Lansdowne Centre will enjoy an enhanced customer experience in convenient new surroundings. 

The prominent new centre is based at 1 Mahillon Road, Philippi in Springfield, a mere 300 metres away from the previous premises; ensuring regular customers are not inconvenienced. 

“As the contract for our old premises was coming to an end, we saw the perfect opportunity to re-build our store in line the new Corobrik’s new centre ‘look’,” explained Christie van Niekerk, Corobrik Manager: Western Cape.  

The purpose-made building has a user-friendly appearance and layout, with the customer’s needs informing the building’s design. 

The new centre, which was officially opened on 3 August this year, boasts a round table and chairs to facilitate customer meetings and provide an improved consultation experience. 

Headed by centre manager, Anita Davis, the Lansdowne sales and service team is willing and able to add to the customer experience in any way they can.

A consultation set-up for the sales’ person desk provides a comfortable environment where customers can discuss Corobrik’s extensive range of face bricks and pavers with one of the team’s knowledgeable consultants. 

Air-conditioning throughout the premises further enhances the inviting environment while expansive windows allow natural light to enter the user-friendly showroom. 

An important addition to the Lansdowne Centre is the new Building Training Centre positioned just behind the showroom and sales facilities. Moving from the original site, the new Building Training Centre is a modern facility that can accommodate 15 trainees at a time.  

This is one of three Corobrik Building Training Centres nationally. 

Headed by Building Training Co-ordinator, Ismail Rothman, trainees are educated in a range of bricklaying courses offered by Corobrik, providing fundamental skills to the construction industry. A number of major construction companies as well as the Department of Public Works and Transport have enrolled staff on the training programmes offered, all of which are NQF accredited. 

Commenting on the new Lansdowne site, Van Niekerk said it was much more visible and accessible for customers. “We are certain that it will attract new visitors to the Centre and provide an enhanced customer experience that will hopefully encourage the return of new and loyal regulars alike.” 

“The centre truly provides a fitting backdrop to Corobrik’s superior product range and visitors will be assisted in their decisions by any one of our highly trained staff members,” said Van Niekerk.