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Musa Shangase

After joining Corobrik as National Commercial Manager in July 2013, Musa Shangase has been appointed Commercial Director from 1 January 2014.
He joined Corobrik bringing with him his considerable experience in the Building and Construction Industry having held senior management positions at various companies.
"Corobrik is one of the leaders in the Clay Brick Industry and the company has a considerable track record, strong management in all the disciplines, world class production facilities, class leading product range and quality, and the capacity to operate in all South African nine Provinces, the SADC Region and beyond," commented Shangase.  
"My brief when I joined was to extend Corobrik's reputation and influence in the Public Sector to achieve preferred status as a reliable supplier of  superior quality clay and concrete masonry materials to service delivery and infrastructure projects, nationally, provincially and at local governments," he says. 
Focus on working with Government
Shangase has identified four entities in the industry; Government, the building material suppliers, contractors and end-users/beneficiaries. All of these four sectors have goals to achieve; Government facilitates the building and construction of schools, hospitals, clinics, houses and roads for the people of South Africa in order to attract votes; the building material suppliers must supply the materials to the contractors who in turn build the facilities for the Government, both of which are also in the business of making profits; and the communities receive quality houses, schools etcetera, and in turn vote for the Government. "Each entity has a role to support one another so that the chain will not break," explains Shangase.
Government is regarded as an important client by Corobrik; the building industry is vastly dependant on Government's approved infrastructure, Public buildings and housing upgrades and, Government projects contributes around 65% of the business in the building industry.
He says that he would like to see Government officials, especially when it comes to affordable/low cost housing, Schools, Clinics and other Public Buildings using more quality products. "We at Corobrik believe that by replacing bad quality houses and shacks with decent, good quality brick homes, the health, education and employment prospects of extremely disadvantaged people can be significantly improved and through that process  greater community well being built. And based on our experience in supplying our product to building homes in the Free State and Northern Cape to mention but two provinces, we have seen the positive impact of such quality on communities.
I want those responsible for facilitating and providing infrastructure to fall asleep peacefully at night, safe in the knowledge that they have given South Africans the best schools, houses and hospitals that they can give," he says. And this can be done by bringing to the attention of decision-makers the uniquely holistic contribution of brick in building community; one of his first tasks has been to set up a database of stakeholders, community leaders and Government officials who he will go see to inform them of the qualities of Corobrik's products in application. "I invite senior government officials and Minister's to go and have a look at Corobrik's end- product, Bongolethu Primary School in the Cape, Chief Albert Luthuli primary school in Daveyton Gauteng.  These are good example of Private Public Partnership to improve the lives of South Africans. 
Musa Shangase Commercial Director at Corobrik.