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In the early 2013 and following an assessment of the lifecycle performance of low cost housing projects in Bergville, Glencoe and Ladysmith built of Corobrik's Coro Maxi 140 face bricks some 20 years ago, the Endumeni Municipality (Dundee) supported by the NHBRC endorsed the use of Coro Maxi 140 face construction for state provided subsidy houses in Northern KZN.

This led to Corobrik securing the specification for 500 state subsidised 42m houses to be built in Sithembile, Glencoe. Adding value to the project Corobrik provided training for 13 bricklayers from the local community to be used by the main contractors for the construction of the houses. To date some 320 houses have been completed.

During this period discussions with Stanley Ngobese from the Department of Human Settlements resulted in the specification of Coro Maxi 140 face for 1,400 subsidy houses at Osizweni in Newcastle. This project, being undertaken by Lekwa Consulting, has progressed with 140 houses now complete. The occupants of the houses have expressed their satisfaction with the end product and voiced their pride at being able to live in a face brick house.

Based on community endorsement, the Department of Human Settlements allocated a further 250 Coro Maxi 140 face houses to be constructed by Moteko Construction and to date 45 houses have been completed.

Inspired by the success of these three major subsidy housing projects, existing home owners in Osizweni (Newcastle), are moving to upgrade their homes with face brick exteriors and face brick is finding wide application in perimeter walls. The growing demand for clay face brick in this housing sector re-emphasises clay face brick's unique capacity to uplift built environments and satisfy the desire of South Africans to live in proper houses.

Five hundred state subsidised houses are being built in Sithembile, Glencoe from Coro Maxi 140 face bricks. To date 320 houses have been completed and are occupied offering their residents a dignified living.