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New Rest Valley Crèche COMMUNITY UPLIFTMENT Project

Architect: The.Maak

Photography: Kent Andreasen

New Rest Valley Creche Entrance

As a proud sponsor of the New Rest Valley Crèche community upliftment project, Corobrik is delighted to have contributed to the successful completion of this essential public infrastructure. Constructed in 2023, this project marks a significant milestone for the New Rest Valley community near Riebeek-Kasteel, South Africa.

Partnering with the Vuya Foundation, the Rotary Club of Newlands and other sponsors we are thrilled to have played a role in bringing this educational facility to life. The New Rest Valley Crèche, designed by The.Maak Architects, comprises of 3 well-equipped classrooms, capable of catering to approximately 90 children, along with a covered playground area, kitchen, reception area, administrative office, ablutions, suitable storage, and a caretaker's flat. The design's simplicity, highlighted by strong and distinctive forms, makes it easily identifiable from a distance, standing tall and proud amidst the self-built homes of the area.

using our Ruby Light Satin and Serenget Satin bricks, The.Maak created an extraordinary over-sailing saw-tooth roof, which elegantly rises towards the South, filling the classrooms with soft, natural light. Carefully positioned roof punctures above the outdoor play area to the North allow tall Wild Pear trees to grow through them, providing shade and a pleasant environment for the children. This harmonious integration of nature into the scheme sets this project apart. The building also thoughtfully incorporates an intricate breeze block wall on its North side, demarcating the playground from the adjacent street. To the East, the project warmly opens to the neighborhood with a welcoming covered entrance patio created using our Cederberg Pavers and a wrap-around public bench.

Together with all the project sponsors and stakeholders we created a valuable social corridor that fosters education, community pride, and growth for the New Rest Valley community. We are proud to be a part of this impactful project and look forward to witnessing the positive impact it will have on generations to come.


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