The strength and durability of Corobrik's wide and versatile range of clay face bricks, is equally matched by its aesthetic qualities that are compelling and captivating. The Corobrik clay face brick range offers the widest variety of colours, shades, shapes, and textures available.

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The unparalleled quality of Corobrik's wide range of concrete pavers ensures they are easy to maintain, long lasting, and visually appealing. Corobrik concrete pavers are available in a multitude of shapes, colours, and sizes, enabling creative concrete paving patterns to be designed and laid with confidence.

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Single Bullnose

Single Bullnose Solid

Double Bullnose

Double Bullnose Solid

Bullnose Header On Flat

Bullnose Stretcher On Flat

Bullnose Double Header On Flat

Bullnose Double Stretcher On Flat

Bullnose On End Cownose

Squint 30 45 60 Degrees

External Angle 45

Internal Angle 45

Single Cant

Single Cant Solid

Double Cant

Double Cant Solid

Plinth Header

Plinth Header Solid

Plinth Stretcher

Plinth Stretcher Solid

Plinth Ext Return

Concave Header

Concave Stretcher

Sill Brick I

Sill Brick Ii


Sill Brick Ii

This special shape is available in the following bricks

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