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Brick Layer Training


Our bricklayer training centres provide CETA accredited certification in bricklaying, to the general public, government appointed students, members of organisations and more. These centres are not for profit, and purely serve to benefit the community and provide a skill to previously unskilled members of society. The centres are located in Durban, Gauteng and the Western Cape.

How do I apply for a brick layer training course?

In order to facilitate courses, we need information about the number of students and what skills are required. Please contact us to arrange for a course at the relevant centre:

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The Corobrik brick layer training centres offer a number of classes ranging from beginners to experienced, which aid in the development of all prospective brick layers – be it for personal skill-based training or as a profession.

Each brick layer training centre combines skills and techniques with practical implementation. These are taught in large groups which can be involved in the training exercises for up to 4 weeks at a time.

When are the brick layer courses?

Brick layer courses are run as and when there is a demand for them. We do not have a specific time table, however should you wish to attend a training course, or send staff on a training course, feel free to contact the relevant training centre and we will provide more information.