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The Folly

The Folly is a project born out of a specific necessity, ending up embodying the harmonious convergence of architectural creativity, owners’ requirements, and environmental preservation. Nestled in a simple hillside in Salt Rock, South Africa, this discreet residential compound serves as a hidden gem – a satellite domestic space dedicated to the artistic and leisure pursuits of Lisa and Will. With its philosophy of simplicity and subtraction, it not only enhances the surrounding environment but also engages in a profound dialogue with nature and the main plot. Through its adaptive spaces and a touch of indeterminacy, “The Folly” defies categorization, emerging as an embodiment of a pavilion, a haven, a creative sanctuary, and a cultural refuge. all at once. Its design refuses to be confined within the limitations of a singular definition, allowing inhabitants to shape and redefine their own unique experiences within its sacred domestic walls.

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Black Brick Satin Face Brick

Common Architecture

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