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benefits of
clay face bricks

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affordable inspiration

Corobrik clay face bricks and pavers offer a number of benefits with regards to affordability, especially over the lifecycle of a building. From their maintenance free qualities and exceptional durability to withstand the natural elements, to their thermal properties of cooling and heating energy savings, our clay face bricks add value.

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Corobrik clay face bricks require little maintenance to retain their good looks and provide optimal protection from harsh weather conditions. Face bricks don’t need paint and other treatments to maintain aesthetics and durability.

Fire resistance.png


Corobrik clay face bricks are fire resistant as they are produced at temperatures of between 800 degrees Celsius and 1000 degrees Celsius. Clay bricks cannot burn and will not add to the “fire load” as do combustible building materials such as wood etc.



Corobrik is committed to pursuing a sustainable future and treads softly on the planet by three dimensions of sustainability i.e. social, environmental and economic. Corobrik is continuously improving its environmental position.

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Corobrik clay face brick is a product of the earth and does not contain chemicals or omit harmful gases during or after construction.



The many century old clay brick buildings in South Africa and around the world bear testament to the longevity of clay face brick buildings to outlast generations. The colour of clay face brick does not fade but will deepen and improve over time.

Heating and Cooling.png


Corobrik clay face bricks have the wonderful thermal performance properties that contribute to longer periods of thermal comfort through all the seasons, with lower costs associated with heating and cooling of buildings and homes.

Sound Proof.png


Corobrik clay brick walls are a natural sound barrier due to clay brick’s density and thickness. Clay brickwork has the ability to resist the transmission of airborne sound supporting quieter indoor environments.

Natural Beauty.png


Available in a variety of rich colours, textures and shapes Corobrik colourfast clay face bricks allows you to create the built environment you desire. Clay face bricks and clay pavers are flexible in design and can perfectly complement one another.

Wealth Creation.png


Thanks to clay face brick’s durability, structural integrity and maintenance free characteristics, lowest lifetime costs are part of the deal. Corobrik clay face bricks have mineral properties recognised for meeting all necessary requirements for healthy living.

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