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Corobrik's Comrades 2024 Marathon Team: A Salute to Our Runners

At Corobrik, we’re proud of our products and even prouder of our people. This year, we’re thrilled to support our employees as they take on the challenge of the 2024 Comrades Marathon. Here’s a closer look at the dedicated runners who are ready to hit the road and show us what they’re made of. The race will be run on Sunday, 9 June 2024, starting at 05h30 and finishing at 17h30. It's an "UP RUN," starting at the City Hall in Durban and finishing in Pietermaritzburg, covering approximately 85.9km.

Now, let's meet the incredible team representing Corobrik at this year’s marathon!

For LIVE TRACKING of the Corobrik Team results click below and search the runners bib numbers.

Among the field of 23 000 runners, there will be 19 athletes running for the Corobrik Comrades team. Let's get to know the Corobrik athletes a little better!

  1. Tshepo - Welder

Bib Number: 22764

Comrades Completed: 8

Medals: 4 Bronze, 4 Bill Rowan

Tshepo brings the same skill and focus to his running as he does to his welding. His impressive collection of medals highlights his dedication and perseverance.

2. Thabo - Production Supervisor

Bib Number: 54578

Comrades Completed: 18

Medals: 1 Silver, 1 Bronze, 16 Bill Rowan

Thabo’s marathon history is as solid as his production skills. With eighteen races under his belt, he’s a seasoned veteran who knows how to get the job done.

3. Andrew - Quality Inspector

Bib Number: 16834

Comrades Completed: 4

Medals: 3 Bill Rowan Medals and 1 Robert Mtshali Medal

Andrew’s eye for detail extends to his running. His medal tally is a testament to his thoroughness and commitment.

4. Louis - Quality Supervisor

Bib Number: 28604

Comrades Completed: 5

Medals: 5 Bill Rowan Medals

Louis is all about quality, both at work and on the marathon course. Five races, five Bill Rowan medals – consistency at its best.

5. Edward - Setting Operator

Bib Number: 43598

Comrades Completed: 2

Medals: 2 Bronze Medal

Edward is steadily building his marathon credentials with two Comrades under his belt and two bronze medals to show for it.

6. Shadrack - Lift Operator

Bib Number: 29000

Comrades Completed: 2

Medals: 1 Bronze Medal, 1 Bill Rowan Medal

Shadrack handles heavy loads at work and long distances on the road. His medal haul demonstrates his strength and determination.

7. Gilbert - Cleaner (We have to mention he's 65 years old!)

Bib Number: 38780

Comrades Completed: 19

Medals: 1 Silver Medal

8. Vicky - Strap & Sorting Department

Bib Number: 42534

Comrades Completed: 9

Medals: 3 Silver Medals, 1 Bill Rowan Medal

Vicky’s experience shines through with nine completed Comrades and a collection of silver and Bill Rowan medals. He’s a force to be reckoned with.

9. Bongani - Sorter

Bib Number: 58233

Comrades Completed: 2

Medals: 2 Bronze Medals

Bongani is back for his second Comrades, ready to add more achievements to his record. His determination is inspiring.

10. Webster - Production Manager

Bib Number: 43579

Comrades Completed: 1

Webster is taking on his second Comrades with the same enthusiasm he brings to his work.

11. Jack - Strapping Operator

Bib Number: 16699

Comrades Completed: 2

Medals: 1 Bronze Medal, 1 Bill Rowan Medal

Jack is committed both on the job and on the road. His medals show he’s capable of great things in both arenas.

12. Mathews - Cleaner

Bib Number: 58224

Comrades Completed: 1

Mathews is ready for his second Comrades, bringing the same dedication to his running as he does to his work.

13. Reckson - Forklift Driver (We have to mention he's 61 years old!)

Bib Number: 33528

Comrades Completed: 19

Medals: 1 Vic Clapham Medal, 15 Bronze medals & 2 Bill Rowan Medals

At 61, Reckson is a marathon veteran with nineteen Comrades under his belt. His enduring spirit is an inspiration to us all.

14. Prince - Production Manager & Corobrik Comrades Team Leader

Bib Number: 48874

Comrades Completed: 13

Medals: 10 Silver Medals, 1 Bronze Medal & 2 Bill Rowan Medals

Prince leads by example, both at work and on the marathon course. His impressive medal collection is a testament to his hard work and leadership.

15. Sipho - Forklift Driver

Bib Number: 45359

Comrades Completed: 11

Medals: 6 Silver medals & 5 Bill Rowan Medals

Sipho’s marathon achievements reflect his dedication and perseverance. He’s a seasoned runner who knows how to go the distance.

16. Calvin - Driver

Calvin is gearing up for his first Comrades Marathon. His enthusiasm and fresh perspective are sure to make his debut memorable.

Bib Number: 34179

17. Justice - Sales Centre Manager, Springs

Justice is taking on his first Comrades Marathon with determination. His journey is just beginning, and we’re excited to see him succeed.

Bib Number: 50168

18. Silence Mashabela

Silence is embarking on his first Comrades Marathon with a spirit of adventure and determination. His journey is just beginning, and we can't wait to see him achieve his goals.

Bib Number: 50168

19. Nakedi Rodgers

Nakedi is ready to tackle his first Comrades Marathon with enthusiasm and drive. As he takes on this incredible challenge, we're excited to support him every step of the way.

Bib Number: 34191

For LIVE TRACKING of the Corobrik Team results click below and search the runner's bib number.


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