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eThekwini Primary Transformed by Cotton On Foundation + Fieldworks Design Group

Located in KwaMashu, eThekwini Primary School stands proud on a hill and is one of the oldest primary schools in KwaMashu and accommodates learners from the surrounding areas. Identified by The Cotton On Foundation as a strategic project, Fieldworks Design Group was tasked with the design and development of new infrastructure and educational spaces, as well as the refurbishment of existing buildings and the school terrain.

eThekwini Primary Entrance

With sustainability as a key driver for the project, the Fieldworks team embarked on a conceptual design which integrated the site as a whole and envisaged education spaces beyond only the classroom. The design integrated systems and processes associated with water, food, waste and energy as key infrastructural components while creating learning opportunities for not only the individual or class, but the greater community.

eThekwini Primary Playground

Fieldworks endeavoured to work with local and robust materials as far possible, which translated to a material palette dominated by Corobrik face bricks laid either in stack bond on building façades or used for screening and landscape elements.

Corobrik's Agate Travertine face brick, laid in a stack bond pattern, was used for the main buildings. The screen walls feature a hit-and-miss bond pattern and make use of Corobrik's Roan Travertine face brick.

eThekwini Primary Corridor

The education of a child is one of the fundamental steps required to better the future of a country. An educational environment should allow for experiential learning and be conducive to new thought.

Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela

The nature of the project provided opportunity for intensive community engagement and extended local employment. Apart from employing local labour, specific work packs were assembled and transferred to community contractors.

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Reimagining eThekwini Primary
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