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New & Improved Geolok Concrete Earth Retaining System

Corobrik introduces to you its new and improved GEOLOK Earth Retaining System. GEOLOK 300, GEOLOK 400 & GEOLOK 500 Concrete Retaining Blocks are equal in width and height, allowing the blocks to be interchangeable on the vertical plane.

The GEOLOK range is interlocking for easy installation. The GEOLOK 300 & 400 have a nib that ensures a maximum angle of inclination of 70° when laid horizontally. The GEOLOK 500 excludes a nib allowing for an angle of inclination greater than 70°.

Please note GEOLOK is only available in Kwazulu-Natal.

Download the GEOLOK brochure below:

Corobrik Geolok Earth Retaining System Brochure
Download PDF • 2.10MB


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