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Trick or Brick: A Homeowner's Guide to Choosing Exterior Materials

A boundary wall showing pristine face brick and a cracked plaster and paint comparison

Halloween isn't the only time for tricks and treats – when it comes to your home's exterior, it's an ongoing dilemma. Is it a trick or a treat to choose plaster and paint over face brick? In this spooky season, we're diving into this homeowner's dilemma.

Plaster and Paint

Plaster and paint might seem like an easy fix for your home's exterior. It provides a fresh look and allows for creativity in color choices. However, beware! This duo has its share of spooks. Over time, plaster and paint can start to show signs of wear and tear. They might fade, crack, or peel, leading to frequent touch-ups and a need for ongoing maintenance. The maintenance costs can haunt your budget, and you might find yourself in a never-ending DIY project.

Face Brick

If you're looking for a sweet treat for your home's exterior, face brick is the way to go. Face brick is known for its durability and timeless charm. It doesn't require constant repainting or repairs, making it the low-maintenance choice. With face brick, your home's facade remains vibrant and strong year after year. It's like giving your house the gift of eternal youth, without any tricks involved.

Choosing Wisely

This Halloween, we encourage you to choose your home's costume wisely. While plaster and paint can provide a fresh look, they come with the potential for ongoing maintenance. Face brick, on the other hand, is a treat that keeps your home looking great for years to come, without any tricks involved.

In the spirit of Halloween, don't let your home's exterior become a horror story. When making choices for your home, opt for the treat over the trick. Face brick is the durable and low-maintenance option that will keep your home looking fantastic for years to come. Choose your home's Halloween costume wisely and give it the timeless charm it deserves.


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