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Get to know our 2021 Student Architecture Awards Finalists

Highlighting talent, creativity, innovation, and inspiration, the Corobrik Student Architecture Awards is all about jump-starting careers, building the industry, and designing tomorrow. Regional winners are selected from seven major universities, based on the students’ final theses. These regional winners then go through to the national round, where the top title is awarded, plus a R70 000 grand prize.


Nelson Mandela University

"It’s incredibly fulfilling. The award ended what was a very chaotic year with a cherry on top. If anything, the recognition justified the way I dealt with not only my treatise, but the aim for balance. I’ll take this lesson through everything I do in the future; each time with a little bit more confidence and passion."

What's your go-to movie for a good laugh?

Napoleon Dynamite, a thousand times over (that might be a biased answer because of my crush on an 80s Jon Heder). It’s the perfect mix between sarcasm and the slapstick dad-joke.

“It’s pretty much my favourite animal. It’s like a lion and a tiger mixed … bred for its skills in magic.” – Napoleon Dynamite


University of the Witwatersrand

"What excites me the most is the empowerment in carrying my ideas to a wider audience with the real potential to contribute to society. Additionally, I am privileged to share this excitement with fellow regional winners who have ideas outside my own, allowing me to feel part of a collective effort to architecture and society that extends beyond competing."

Are you a secret chef or are 2-minute noodles the height of your culinary capability?

I would say that I jump between the two. There are some go-to recipes that I have great success in, but sometimes experimentation is met with failure. When that happens, I jump from one extreme to the other resorting to quick and easy meals as I slowly regain some level of confidence.


University of Cape Town

"I am extremely delighted and honored to receive this prestigious award. I am even more excited to represent UCT at a national level."

Besides being an incredible architecture student, do you have any hobbies which may surprise others?

It may not be surprising to most, but I enjoy painting, photography, and the occasional hike with friends.


Tshwane University of Technology

"It is truly indescribable. I am honoured to receive this admirable reward from Corobrik and appreciate the hard-work recognition that goes along with it. It is a privilege to represent the Tshwane University of Technology Department of Architecture who contributed to my knowledge in architecture and to have my project showcased on such a prestigious platform."

Besides being an incredible architecture student, do you have any hobbies which may surprise others?

Playing golf, it helps shut off the architecture brain for a few hours, and my handicap is not too bad either LOL


University of Johannesburg

"I'm very excited to be awarded such a prestigious award. It's an honor for me to represent the Graduate School of Architecture at the national level next year - I am looking forward."

Besides being an incredible architecture student, do you have any hobbies which may surprise others?

Well, I doubt this will come as a surprise, but I play a lot of PlayStation, FIFA to be exact. I also find a lot of pleasure in cooking and baking.


University of the Free State

"It is an extreme honour and a wonderful feeling to know that all the hard work and passion I put into the thesis paid off."

What's your favorite Corobrik brick?

My favourite brick is the Piazza paver brick especially when it is in a herringbone bond. I really like the proportions of the brick; it adds a beautiful pattern and texture to a space.


University of Pretoria

"​I am truly honoured and grateful for my work to be recognised and appreciated by academics and professionals whom I admire."

Besides being an incredible architecture student, do you have any hobbies which may surprise others?

Apart from spending time with family and friends, I do enjoy teaching myself new skills and making things with my hands, even if I’m not that good at it. And I try to take any opportunity to travel to new places.


“Our relationship with the awards goes back some 35 years, and it is one that has proved very enlightening for Corobrik. It has added a lot of depth and enriched the architectural profession by allowing young up-and-coming architects to express themselves and show the kinds of directions they believe architecture should be going in,” comments Corobrik CEO Nick Booth. Since 1986, the awards have placed 34 winners on the architectural map, both in leading practices as well as their own firms.


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