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We're proud to announce the institutional winners from the School of Architecture, Planning & Geomatics, UCT at University of Cape Town for the 35th Corobrik Student Architecture Awards.

  • Winner - Mpho Sephelane - R10 000

  • 1st Runner Up - Hannah Mullins - R8 000

  • 2nd Runner Up - Travors Van Breda - R6 000

  • Best Use Of Clay Masonry - Treasa McMillan - R6 000

Congratulations to all of you!

And good luck to Mpho for competing in the National Student Architecture Awards taking place in May 2022.

Get to know Mpho Sephelane a bit better?

How does it feel to be announced the UJ regional Corobrik Student Architecture Awards winner? I am extremely delighted and honored to receive this prestigious award. I am even more excited to represent UCT at a national level. ​​ What's your go-to movie for a good laugh? 3 Idiots. It is a remarkable comedy with a perplexing storyline and characters that make 3 hours feel like nothing! I’ve made all my friends watch it :) Besides being an incredible architecture student, do you have any hobbies which may surprise others? It may not be surprising to most, but I enjoy painting, photography, and the occasional hike with friends. Are you a secret chef or are 2-minute noodles the height of your culinary capability? I am definitely a secret chef… most of my friends don’t know this of course, but I pride myself in making the best leftover, one pot stir-fry's. This has been quite useful during high pressure times as a student. What's your favorite Corobrik brick? Given the versatility of bricks in general, it is hard to pick a favorite. At the moment, I am drawn to the Agate Travertine face brick which resembles the off white colour limestone commonly found in Lesotho. It can be crafted to express numerous forms and processes in the making of beautiful architecture.


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