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We're proud to announce the institutional winners from Graduate School of Architecture, University of Johannesburg for the 35th Corobrik Student Architecture Awards.

  • Winner - Linda Lesolle - R10 000

  • 1st Runner Up - Miliswa Ndziba - R8 000

  • 2nd Runner Up - Gio Rech - R6 000

  • Best Use Of Clay Masonry - Tebogo Kgatla - R6 000

Congratulations to all of you!

And good luck to Linda for competing in the National Student Architecture Awards taking place in May 2022.

Get to know Linda Lesolle a bit better?

How does it feel to be announced the UJ regional Corobrik Student Architecture Awards winner? I'm very excited to be awarded such a prestigious award. It's an honor for me to represent the Graduate School of Architecture at the national level next year- I am looking forward. ​​ Besides being an incredible architecture student, do you have any hobbies which may surprise others? Well, I doubt this will come as a surprise, but I play a lot of PlayStation, FIFA to be exact. I also find a lot of pleasure in cooking and baking. Are you a secret chef or are 2-minute noodles the height of your culinary capability? I’m a secret chef, people around me tend to enjoy my cooking, to me cooking is very therapeutic, I would take breaks between my schoolwork to cook a meal just to clear my head. Also, don't get me wrong 2-minute noodles slap! What's your favorite Corobrik brick? Let’s start by acknowledging that brick is a great material, the tectonic and versatility of this material allows for wonderful architectural formal expressions. I have to say my favorite is the black brick, there is just something about the color black and architects.


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