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We're proud to announce the institutional winners from the The Department of Architecture, University of the Free State for the 35th Corobrik Student Architecture Awards.

  • Winner - Lúnell Greyling - R10 000

  • 1st Runner Up - Chrizelle Loots - R8 000

  • 2nd Runner Up - Amirah Patel - R6 000

  • Best Use Of Clay Masonry - Altus le Roux - R6 000

Congratulations to all of you!

And good luck to Lúnell for competing in the National Student Architecture Awards taking place in May 2022.

Lúnell explains that she was inspired by the wreck of the Japanese fishing vessel Meisho Maru No. 38, which ran aground off the Cape Agulhas coastline on 16 November 1982. Visiting the area in the first year of her architectural studies, she recalls: “We never think twice about the tragedies of those lost at sea. Preserving these memories is therefore important, which inspired me to write about architectural spaces that act as a stage that interprets and retells shipwreck events.”

The proposed Shipwreck Interpretation Centre, which will tap into funding from South African National Parks (SANParks), will be located right next to the Meisho Maru No. 38 and the Agulhas National Park. “The strong filmic quality of the setting inspires an intervention that builds on the experiential cinematic elements, creating architecture that tells a story,” highlights Lúnell. The centre “proposes sequences of architectural mises-en-scène that articulate both the dualities between and interconnectedness within human experiences as visitors move through places and times.”

Lúnell adds: “For me, architecture becomes more than just buildings. It can inspire, educate and bring people together, bridging differences through shared spaces. Architecture that roots itself in a specific place, when it combines local and traditional craft and materials with contemporary building methods, can be meaningful and sensitive to the place and past, but bearing the future in mind. Using local skills, materials, craftsmanship and labour empowers local communities, which contributes to socioeconomic development and transformation.”

Get to know Lúnell Greyling a bit better?

How does it feel to be announced the FS regional Corobrik Student Architecture Awards winner?

It is an extreme honour and a wonderful feeling to know that all the hard work and passion I put into the thesis paid off.


What's your go-to movie for a good laugh?

The Grand Budapest Hotel. It is very quirky and funny, really just a feel-good movie to watch.

Besides being an incredible architecture student, do you have any hobbies which may surprise others?

I really enjoy hiking trails which is a nice break from working indoors.

Are you a secret chef or are 2-minute noodles the height of your culinary capability?

I am definitely a secret chef; I enjoy experimenting with different recipes.

What's your favorite Corobrik brick?

My favourite brick is the Piazza paver brick especially when it is in a herringbone bond. I really like the proportions of the brick; it adds a beautiful pattern and texture to a space.


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